January, 2016

Dear Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope that you had a wonderful Holiday Season and have started the year off on the right foot. As we begin 2016, be sure to think of what you want to accomplish regarding your health and fitness this year. Then let your FitnessWise Team member know so that we can help you reach those goals.

To help get you motivated and increase your fitness activities, we are starting an Exercise Across the World Challenge this Friday, January 15. For more details and to sign-up, stop by the front desk or follow the link here.

For the last two Saturdays in January we will be offering a special TRX Class. For this class you can sign-up and pay for the classes individually before committing to a full month in February. See details in the newsletter below.

In Health,

-The FitnessWise Team

TRX Training in the Mind Body Studio at FitnessWise
We're excited to offer TRX Suspension Training in a Small Group format at the Mind-Body Studio at FitnessWise. TRX Training builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once, using just your own bodyweight. Whether for the playing field or for a life on the go, TRX Training will help you safely and rapidly improve your fitness, regardless of age or fitness level.

QuickTipNutrition QuickTip of the Month
We have all been there. The late night party or social hour that you know you are going to feel the next morning. It won't help you for this post New Years Eve treatment, but next year it may come in handy. Next time you wake up with a throbbing head, try this hangover cure.
FitTipFit Tip of The Month
You know the old saying, "knowledge is power." Each month we will post a variety of different articles on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. You can view the article by following this link.
Group ExcerciseSmall Group Training in the Mind Body Studio at FitnessWise
Class-based exercise, with the individual attention necessary to achieve new levels of fitness, poses unique challenges. We are a small business, and we meet those challenges with a small group of top-flight instructors and a beautiful, light-filled, "green" studio that provides a comfortable, yet intimate setting for small group training of 7 or less. You can view our Februrary schedule and enroll for a class here.