December, 2016


Dear Friends,

We want to wish you Happy Holidays and an awesome New Year! Let us make 2017 great together! As family time becomes more and more plentiful over these last few weeks during the year, make sure to take time for yourself to de-stress and keep yourself healthy.

And as we start 2017, FitnessWise is excited to announce our NEW YEAR 2017 HEALTH CHALLENGE. The New Year is as good a time as any to focus on losing excess body weight. The Health Challenge will focus on adopting healthy habits to help lead to weight loss and a healthier you. Please look for a separate email in the coming days with details on this special program.

In the meantime, try to avoid overindulging and keep up with your routines!

In Health,

-The FitnessWise Team

QuickTipNutrition QuickTip of the Month
It is so easy this time of year to sit around and eat. The cold weather, traveling stresses, and family time, make it much harder to eat nutritious meals. Try these tips when planning your Holiday meals. Click here.
FitTipFit Tip of The Month
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Group ExcerciseSmall Group Training in the Mind Body Studio at FitnessWise
Class-based exercise, with the individual attention necessary to achieve new levels of fitness, poses unique challenges. We are a small business, and we meet those challenges with a small group of top-flight instructors and a beautiful, light-filled, "green" studio that provides a comfortable, yet intimate setting for small group training of 7 or less. You can view our June schedule and enroll for a class here.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration deadline is Friday, December 30 at 6:00p.m.