January, 2017


Dear Friends,

Happy New Year to all! We hope everyone has made some healthy New Year's resolutions and we are here to help you toward your goals.

We all try to stay as healthy as we can, but sometimes our immune systems aren't quite able to fight off the hardier viruses, particularly this time of year. When we fall ill, it becomes much easier to find excuses to skip workouts and lounge in bed all day. Sometimes though, a little exercise is all we need to feel a little better.

Varying levels of illness determine what you should and should not do. There are times when you should remain in bed and exercise would be detrimental to recovery. The general rule of thumb is the "neck check." Symptoms that occur above the neck such as runny nose, sore throat, or nasal congestion, usually means you can exercise. You may feel run down though, so don't expect the same level of exertion, as to be expected when you are not 100%. Your Fitness Professional will modify your workout as needed. If you have symptoms that occur below the neck including fever, body aches,or excessive coughing, try to rest up instead.

If you are able to make it to the gym, do remember that other people around you might not be in your predicament yet, so do your best to keep your germs to yourself. That means washing your hands constantly, wiping down all equipment with anti-bacterial spray, and when you can, use a towel when sitting or lying on equipment. Hand sanitizer is your friend in this case! It might even be worth it to bring your own small bottle.

No one likes to be sick, but it is important to listen to your body, don't overdo it, and do your best to keep a healthy routine to put you on the fast track to recovery.

In Health,

-The FitnessWise Team

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